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If managed correctly, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can be one of the best ways to bring attract people to your site, that are interested and ready to buy your products. Your click costs are determined by the number of competitors bidding for your keywords (or audience) and by the relevance of your campaigns and landing pages (your website).

The difficulty for many advertisers is that over the years, increased competition has made clicks more and more expensive, and because of this, the overall quality of PPC campaigns has continued to improve, making it increasingly important to run a tight ship.

Coconut Digital’s PPC management services have helped hundreds of companies improve their sales volumes and profitability from PPC campaigns. How? By combining rigorous testing and analysis, creative thinking and our love for helping businesses grow and succeed.

What types of PPC ads are there?

There are a variety of PPC platforms, campaigns and ad formats available. The ones that usually come to mind are Google AdWords Search or Google Shopping campaigns, but depending on your situation and your advertising goals, other kinds of PPC campaigns can also bring excellent results.

We use our years of experience to suggest what’s most likely to work, then set up targeted campaigns and optimise based on hard data. These are the campaign types we specialise in...

Search Ads

Search Ads

Google AdWords (and Bing) search ads appear next to search results when people look for products and services you offer.

You only pay when people click to visit your website or call your business.

Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads

Get in front of people searching for products that you sell, whether they’re shopping at home or on the go.

Only pay when shoppers click through to your website.

Display Ads

Display Ads

Display ads can appear on over two million websites and apps.

You can create targeted campaigns based on the interests and demographics of your ideal customers as well as showing ads to previous website visitors.

Video Ads

Video Ads

Select the people you want to target based on age, gender, location, interests and more.

Plus, you only pay when they engage with your ad. If they skip it before 30 seconds (or the end) you don't pay a penny.

Social Ads

Social Ads

Social PPC ads can appear on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (and more).

You can select your target audience manually (based on characteristics, such as age and location and much more) or you can show your ads to a list of contacts you already have.



Remarketing is a powerful way to stay engaged with your target audience.

Presenting them with highly relevant ads and offers across the Web – and making sure your brand is at the front of their mind when they're ready to buy – can radically improve ROI.

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