Get ahead of your competitors by optimising your website design

The missing puzzle piece

You may already work towards optimising your Pay Per Click spend, but what happens once people get to your site? How much effort is going towards improving your on-site conversion rate?

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the process of improving your website's design to convert more visitors into conversions and sales.

It works by sending a portion of traffic to one design and the remaining portion to a re-design. After conversion rate statistics come in, the winning design is chosen and then another element can be tested.

What can be tested?

Here are some more examples of changes that could make a big difference to your conversion rate:

The Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) process

Our conversion rate experts begin by navigating your site from beginning to end and analyse Google Analytics reports to find any glitches or flaws in your website that could be sending conversions elsewhere.

We then speak to key members of your customer support team to understanding customers’ FAQ (a key to understanding what might be holding people back on your website).

After understanding how your site works, we analyse your top competitors to understand the full customer ebuying experience and why people may be deciding to buy/convert elsewhere.

We may conduct visitor surveys that ask certain questions like "If you could change one thing about our website, what would it be?". Heat maps are used to ensure all conversion gateways are in the optimal positions on the page.

Finally, we combine our findings with our experience to decide which test is likely to make the most positive difference to results and we start from there.

Next steps