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Coconut Digital offers free AdWords, Bing and Facebook Pay Per Click Audits for anyone that wants to see where their campaigns need improvement and what we’d do differently.

  • Audits are individually prepared by our certified PPC experts with 10+ years experience
  • Get practical insights into your keywords, ads, account structure and more
  • There’s no obligation for us to begin managing your account afterwards
  • Find out if you’re making any mistakes in your account (and what they’re costing you)
  • Discover the best practises you should be following
  • Find out how much we’d charge to manage your account

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Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted;
the trouble is I don't know which half.
- John Wanamaker

Who’s it for?

Coconut Digital provides free, no-obligation Pay Per Click audits to anyone interested in improving their results and potentially outsourcing account management.



You manage your own account and you’re finding Pay Per Click to be more complex and costly than your previously thought.



You’ve become somewhat of a pro managing your own account but you’re looking to free up time and you’re curious to se if an outside agency can bring anything extra to the table.



You already using a digital agency but you’re wondering if another agency could do a better job.

Digital Agencies

Digital Agencies

You’re a senior at a digital agency and interested in outsourcing existing PPC clients or you’d like to start offering PPC.

What’s inside?

  • Get startedGet started
  • Account structureAccount structure
  • KeywordsKeywords
  • Ad copiesAd copies
  • TargetingTargeting
  • SettingsSettings

Gain powerful insights with a Pay Per Click Audit

Our Pay Per Click audits are designed to find key insights and opportunities in your Pay Per Click accounts while simultaneously showing you the quality of our work and how we think.

We’ll look at your account structure, your keywords/targeting, your ads and other settings to ultimately identify your account’s strengths and weaknesses and how we could improve your results.

To get started, get in touch (call or enter your details above) to schedule a meeting so we can learn more about your business and goals.

With your audit in hand, you’ll know what’s needed to improve your Pay Per Click results and what we’d charge to make that happen for you.

Account structure

In this section, you’ll learn about the ideal campaign structure for Google/Bing Search, Shopping, Display and Social PPC campaigns, and see how/if your campaigns differ.

You’ll learn which of your results may be negatively affected by your current structure and see examples of any key findings such as missed opportunities or losses.

To round this section off, you’ll discover the actions we’d take to improve your account structure and what results you can expect short-term and long-term.


In this section (only applicable to Google or Bing search campaigns), you’ll learn about user intent narrow and you’ll find out how to tell the difference between a good keyword and a keyword that’s likely to bring irrelevant clicks.

You’ll get a brief introduction to match types and find out which match types you shouldn’t be using. You may also see some examples of good keywords that are missing in your campaigns and which negative keywords could help improve your results.

By the end of this section you’ll have valuable insights into the relevance of your current keywords and have a better idea of the kind of keywords you need.

Ad copies

In this section, your ads will be under the microscope and you’ll get a fair assessment of their quality.

If necessary, you’ll get tips for writing successful text ads that generate both a high CTR and a high conversion rate, and you’ll get examples of ads we’d write for your campaigns.

You’ll see the importance of ad split testing and we’ll look at ad extensions: 1) what are their benefits, 2) which are available and 3) which should you be using.

Here, you’ll also learn about the importance of landing page design, selection and testing.


For Google/Bing Search campaigns, you'll get insights of which geographic, language, age/gender and device targeting will bring you the best possible results.

For Google/Bing Display campaigns, you'll get an analysis of your targeting methods (interests, topics, keywords, placements, etc) and you'll see which (if any) are harming your results.

For Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Ads, you'll learn about advanced targeting techniques that would ensure more relevant people are seeing your ads, and you'll get unique examples of targeting options that we'd test for you.


In this section, you’ll learn about the hidden Bing Ads and Google AdWords default settings that could be working against you such as ad rotation settings, location targeting settings and search partner settings (especially in Bing).

If you track more than one type of non-monetary conversion in Google or Bing (such as calls and form fills) but don’t use conversion values, you’ll discover the benefits of doing so and the difference it could make to your results when optimising with conversion value/cost in mind.

If you work with Bing Ads, you’ll learn about a tagging method that delivers more useful statistics in Google Analytics than just Bing auto-tagging, and if you work with Facebook, you’ll also find out if your conversion tracking is set up in the best way.

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