Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to our most asked questions

Whether you manage Pay Per Click in-house or you’re with an agency that you suspect could be doing a better job, there are bound to be questions. Below are some of the most commonly asked.


What is a good Click-Through Rate?

It depends. A good CTR can be anything between 2% and 15% or more.

It takes experience to really understand what’s “good”. Compare it to your past CTR to get an quick answer but remember that conversion value/cost (profitability) is much more important than CTR.

What is a Quality Score?

It’s a relevance score that is assigned to every keyword and goes from 1 (bad) to 10 (good).

Your Quality Score (QS) is very important in Pay Per Click campaign management because directly affects your click costs.

If your Quality Score is high, you’ll pay less for clicks but if it’s low, you will be penalised and/or ads may not show at all.

How to increase your Quality Score (QS)

A high CTR (in comparison to your competition) is one of the main factors that will positively affect your QS and can be achieved with:

  • a good campaign & ad group structure
  • a good choice of medium-volume, relevant keywords
  • correct use of keyword match types
  • correct use of negative keywords
  • relevant, keyword-rich and attractive ads
  • optimal ad positioning (CPC bid testing)
  • optimal landing pages
  • continuous optimisation

I’ve tried AdWords before and it didn’t work. What’s the difference this time?

Maybe none. We can't say until we prepare your Pay Per Click Audit and see the state of your account/s.


What management fees can I expect?

Our prices depend on the amount of work your campaigns will need, but bear in mind that we focus on small to medium sized companies (and charities) with monthly click budgets ranging from £1,000 to £50,000.

To find out the fees for your campaigns, contact us with a question or request your free Pay Per Click audit so we can see how much work is needed and give you a quote.

Can you just tell me the price before you prepare my Pay Per Click Audit?

Just like a dentist can't give you a quote if you don’t open your mouth, we need to ask you some questions and analyse your campaigns before we can know much work needs to be done and give you a price.

Pay Per Click Audits

What can I expect to see in my Pay Per Click audit?

The Pay Per Click audit helps us understand the opportunities in your account and how big of a job the account would be to manage, but more importantly, it gives you a chance to see:

  • Your current results (based on profits where possible)
  • Missed opportunities and unnecessary budget waste
  • Our strategy to improve results

Why is the Pay Per Click Audit free?

It’s free because we don’t want to have to convince you that we’re good with a used-car-salesman sales pitch that anyone could put together.

We believe it’s better for you to discover your account's shortcomings and opportunities, backed by real data, and for us to prove our skills in your Pay Per Click audit.

If you don’t decide to sign up, that's not a problem. With the info we give you, at least we will have made the Pay Per Click world a little better.

Will you pester me to sign up afterwards?

No. We don’t believe in chasing and cornering clients.

What if I don’t have an existing Pay Per Click account?

While our results can more easily be seen in existing accounts by comparing “before” to “after”, we have a lot of experience working with new accounts so it’s no trouble at all.

How often can I call?

If you have specific requests or questions, you can contact us as often or as little as you like via email, phone, Skype and even WhatsApp.

AdWords Management

Do you have a minimum contract length?

No. If you want to or have to cancel for whatever reason, we have absolutely no problem and won't charge any penalties.

What Pay Per Click results can I expect?

Results vary widely, but we can usually secure some visible wins in the first 30 days and results generally improve over time. We may be able to predict results once we prepare your Pay Per Click Audit.

Are there any guarantees?

We can't guarantee results unfortunately, but we’ve never had an account not improve after 6 months.

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