A small agency with unbeatable experience

Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads...

These are all forms of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising because you, as an advertiser, only pay for clicks on your ads.

While Google AdWords is the most commonly used advertising platform (and it also happens to be our favourite), we specialise in the planning, setup and optimisation of a variety of Pay Per Click campaigns also including Google Shopping, Bing and Facebook campaigns.

We love Pay Per Click optimisation for three main reasons

We make a difference

We prefer working with clients that have results-based goals where an increase in ROI could mean the difference between spending £500 or £5,000 on a family holiday.

We have worked with big brands that are simply after traffic (Ford, Huggies, Colgate and others), but it's just not as satisfying.

We can happily geek out

We love planning, setting up and optimising PPC campaigns.

We are a small team with mathematical based degrees and we're very analytical in our daily lives so PPC optimisation gives us the chance to analyse data, be creative and geek out on a daily basis.

We work remotely

We work online so we can work from anywhere.

We currently work remotely from the UK and Europe. It's liberating for us, but it also means our expenses are lower, and we pass those saving on.

So why should you choose Coconut Digital?

Pay Per Click is a big deal. You're asking someone to spend your hard-earned money and bring you the two things you need most - sales and the best possible return on your investment.

Here's why we think that we could be the right fit for any company that sells online or needs more, better-quality conversions.

Unbeatable expertise

We have been optimising Pay Per Click accounts for over a decade (which is a long time in this industry).

During this time, we have achieved success for hundreds of clients, all with their unique goals and limitations.

We know what's important

It's a fact - you want to take small, calculated risks to achieve the maximum revenue, engagement or conversions for the lowest possible price.

This is a key concept that we work with you to achieve.

We succeed when you do

We root for your success, not our own wallets.

If your odds of success are small, we'll say so, and we'll help find the best course of action with all the cards on the table.

A small team with big experience

We're a small team of highly focused PPC managers, each with at least 5 years' experience managing a wide variety of eCommerce and conversion-focused campaigns.

As a company, we've been around for 12 years and while we began by focusing solely on helping small to medium sized companies (that weren't getting a good service from the agencies at the time), we now work with large clients and small clients alike.

Learn more about our team, history and values here.

Melissa Ros

Founder & Senior PPC Manager

Teodor Stoyanov

Senior PPC Manager

Valentina Nedeva

Senior PPC Manager

Note that we have no sales people. From your first contact with us to your monthly PPC management, you will never talk to a sales person or a junior-level employee. Your single point of contact will be one of our three senior PPC managers, so rest assured that you'll always be talking to an expert.

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